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KP-TRIM is a perfect partner in your quest of staying slim-trim as you go through life. It is one such unique ayurvedic ‘gift’ of K-Veda for weight loss without any side effects. The ingredients present in it are highly efficient and effective as anti-obesity, anti-oxidant, natural fat killer and weight loss accelerator. They identify, focus and treat the three main elements (Doshas: Vata,Pitta & Kapha) of the overweight problem. Moreover, KP-TRIM acts as a wonderful slimness achiever by silently acting as a dietary supplement because it has zero trans-fats but adequate amount of natural proteins, fibers, minerals and necessary nutrients. Thus, it gives you a feeling of fullness all through the day by reducing your cravings for food. Therefore, make KP-Trim your ideal partner in staying healthy while you go through slimming & trimming regimen.

Weight : 100gm

M.R.P. Rs.150/-


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