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Maintain Your Blood Sugar Levels Naturally. K-Veda brings comprehensive ayurvedic formula of 6+ nutrients to manage your Blood Sugar problems naturally with DI-BI-YAAN. Its constituents are known from ancient times to possess quality that induces necessary hormonal secretions that’s so very vital in Blood Sugar Management (Diabetic Care).The Extracts of Gymnema Sylverster,Bitter Melon,Fenugreek etc.present in DI-BI-YAAN are known to play crucial role in steadying blood sugar activity,transportation of Glucose,energizing body cells and many other routinely required Diabetic Care Functions.The comprehensive effect of all these is the secret of DI-BI-YAAN’s success in effective Diabetic Care.This alone may help you avoid deadly complications like Cataract,Skin rashes Kidney failure,etc.,associated with Diabetes.

Grams : 100gm

M.R.P. Rs.90/-


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