5 Exotic Kajal Looks That Are Power Driven!

The eyes are referred to as the “windows to your soul.” Humans are visual beings, and physiological studies have revealed that when we look at someone, our gaze naturally gravitates to their eyes. Kajal, often known as Kohl, has defined iconic legends for decades and is without a doubt one of the most significant cosmetics statements of all time. Kajal is a must-have makeup product for many women. A single sweep of this magic product produces a defined and luminous look.

In India, particularly, not wearing kajal is considered a fundamental makeup crime. We’ve all been asked, “Aren’t you feeling well today?” If we’re caught without kajal at work. We also believe that the pure versatility of kajal makes it an absolute must-have. It is not only simple to use, but it also instantly brightens your face. Kajal is also applied as a dot around a child’s head or neck in several parts of India. The purpose of this is to “protect the child from evil.”

So, if you are right now thinking of new different ways to use kajal scroll down!!

Firstly, before applying kajal make sure your eyes are clean and free of any residual kajal or eye makeup.

1. Smokey Eyes:

The USP of using kajal is to get the perfect Smokey look every time! Simply brush a thick line of kajal from the inner corner to the outside corner of the upper lash line of the eye. Make the line as thick as possible, but don’t stress about getting it even or smooth. Smudge the kajal upward with a fluffy eyeshadow brush, pushing it through the crease and toward the brow. Stroke in vertical, perpendicular to the lash line strokes. To highlight the contour, draw another fine line of kajal across the upper lid, working from the inner corner to the outer edge.

2. Fierce cat eye:

Break all the laws of eye makeup you’ve ever studied to serve staggering levels of fierceness! Go all out with a highly sharp cat-eye look. To achieve this look, apply kajal to your upper lash line starting from the inner corner and working outwards. Extend the line upwards from the point of the outer corner of your eyes. Apply kajal in quick strokes to thicken the line.

3. Vampy look:

Need a retro and lovely bold look?? Then this look is for you! Also known as the fishtail look. To achieve this look, simply swipe the kajal slightly downwards to create a fishtail impression at the outer corners of your eyes.

4. Subtle Eyes:

Looking for a way to complement your glittery eye makeup? Intense and daring appearance?… There is no need to look any further. A simple swipe of kajal on the rim and smudging the rims would add a lovely touch to your eye makeup.

5. Bambi Eyes look:

The trick to this look is to make your eyes look larger and brighter. A perfect look for formal makeup, small eyes, or even for casual daily wear. Usually, we tend to use kajal to line our entire waterline which makes it look smaller! Instead, apply kajal only to the outer corners of your eyes to open them up and make them appear doe-like. You may soften the effect by smearing it gently with a brush

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